Advanced Technology

Precision Dentistry

Pico Adapter SLR. When you seek care at our office, you are assured that Dr. Mascia, Dr. Joon , Dr. Ramsey and their staff utilizes the latest in technology to enhance the quality and fit of your dental care.

Our practice uses dental operating microscopes to enhance the precision of patient care.

Dentistry is micro-surgery. Using a similar microscope that an ophthalmologist uses enables us to create dental restorations with incredibility precise fit and finish. You just can’t fulfill that level of care with the naked eye.

In addition to allowing precise, close-up work, the microscope directs a beam of light directly on the teeth, minimizing glare to you.

Digital Imaging

Drs. Mascia, Joon and Ramsey choose carefully which and when radiographs are taken. There are many guidelines that we follow. Radiographs allow us to see everything we cannot see with our own eyes. Digital imaging can help us retrieve valuable diagnostic information, including detection of cavities in between your teeth, determination of bone level, and overall health of bone. We can also examine the roots and nerves of teeth, diagnose lesions such as infection or cysts, as well as assess damage when trauma occurs.

Dental radiographs are invaluable aids in diagnosing, treating, and maintaining dental health. Exposure time for dental radiographs is extremely minimal. Drs. Mascia, Joon and Ramsey utilize Digital Imaging Technologies within the office. With digital imaging, exposure to the patient is about 50% less when compared to traditional radiographs.

The advantages of digital imaging enable us to not only store patient images but also enables us to quickly transfer them to appropriate specialists or insurance companies.

Digital Images offer more precision since we can view the image on a computer monitor, and enlarge and enhance the image within our software. This is a stark contrast to the size and resolution of a traditional X-Ray film.

Cone Beam Computerized Tomography

Veraviewepocs 3De Dark In addition to the high level of endodontic care that you have come to expect, we have incorporated new technology into our treatment regimen.

A cone-beam CT scan, providing 3-dimensional imaging, will increase diagnostic capability and treatment of anatomically complex teeth. This includes the presence of apical lesions, untreated canals, and root fractures which may not be evident on two-dimensional films.

A CB CT unit minimizes the amount of radiation to the patient by directing the exposure to a limited portion of the jaw rather than the entire head, as is the case in a conventional, medical, CT scan.

The Greater Danbury Center for Endodontics Utilizes Advanced Technology for Your Care

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